the other s wouldn't fit (thistooshallpas) wrote in retardxenophobe,
the other s wouldn't fit

grr hate

i feel like a tool for saying this, but I HATE BLINK 182!!!!!!

Kingofcards52: have you heard the song "feeling this" by blink18222222222?
ThiSisJamaS: die a horrible death
Kingofcards52: huh??
Kingofcards52: that is a sweet song
ThiSisJamaS: ew
Kingofcards52: ew yourself, it has a cool tune
Kingofcards52: that one that plays after all the "blah blah, im feelin it!!"
ThiSisJamaS: uuhhh
Kingofcards52: dun, dun, dun, dun, dun DUN dun dunna dunna
Kingofcards52: like that
ThiSisJamaS: you don't say

and i HATE my stupid friends who like them, and my having to still be their friend no matter how much they bug me about it.
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