fuck the muffin man... we got cookies YAY!!! (c00kie_nazi) wrote in retardxenophobe,
fuck the muffin man... we got cookies YAY!!!

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well it looks like none of us have been writin in here lately...whats goin on ladies?? Nothin to bitch about?? Oh c'mon, i know the truth if when you try to hide it (:
KELSEY BROKE UP WITH JORDAN!!!!- YAY but now the power is in my hands when he tries to be nice and make up with me.....i can turn him down HARSHLY and tell him all the shit he put me through and he MUST beg for my forgiveness, and thats pretty damn hard to do right now.
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sarah i love you when you fart... but best when you shit
oh man, you would have been drolling yesterday then. Something was wrong with me...had the shits ALL day and it wasnt pretty, i didnt go to ANY classes cuz it was soooo bad, hahahaha. today is better though, so i guess youd hate me (:
hahahaha.. hate you- NEVER!!!