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Im lost without you

Where is my Britt??? Its been too damn long...I know I havent been the most socialable person these past few days, but I havent seen you online...already miss talking to you, DAMN YOU for making me dependent!!! (: But i still love it in an odd, self-fullfilling way. Damn, you and Mal are the only girls that have the ability to hold that power over me, GOOD JOB!! Guess I should allow you two have the power more than a damn guy...fuckin bastards. But I think I might have found a good one...hes from Virginia, so sweet and cool. Has the cutest little accent, but then again, who fucking really knows, right? God, i could go into bitching mode right now...should i? hmmm good question. I just understand why they have no consideration for other peoples feelings...yea, i know theres the few out there that do, shit I found one...but then one day he decided he didnt care anymore, or if he does, which im hoping and praying for...he wont even talk to me, not like he knows my numbers anymore..but i dont know. Im calling him at christmas and civiling asking WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!...see what he has to say, and if its something decent and believable..who knows, might able to forgive, if and only if he shows interest and takes intiative and calls me without me asking...which he fucking use to!! remember when i would run out of art class cuz he was calling?? I want that back again!!- i want to run out of my bio lecture and talk for hours on end. I want to be in love again, whatever that really is.
but then on the other hand, I want to be just like a guy, and go find a hot one, go whisper in his ear..."yeah, wanna play some magic? Lets go to my room, fuck..then you disappear." God, i know that work so easily, but I cant bring myself to do it...i havent had sex or done ANYTHING other than make out with a guy in nearly 4 months now...kinda depressing, but yet again, on the other hand im damn proud of myself. Ok, im gunna shut up now....love you babygirl
your love
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oh boom boom kitty fuck... i <3 thee... and now im feeling dizzy... but about john... youve e-mailed him and still nothing??? i swear to god if he crushes your heart more than he has ill lure him in, make him think i wanna fuck tie him up and cut his balls off... show them to him lean in his ear as hes screaming in agony and whisper you owe sara an apology ,ps- dont fuck with my friends *id yell that part* then id storm out leaving him there and tell the maids not to disturb the room for a few days
AWWW, youd do that for me??? Thats awesome!!!- but i havent tried to get in touch with him really....dont know how, dont know his navy email anymore since he isnt on the anchorage, and hes not home anymore...so im waiting till the day after christmas to call and be like BITCH!! what the fuck!?!?! But i know i few other guys you could gladly do that to....mmm taylor??-just for the fuck of it...and tookie too....i think she has balls, lol (: your the best britt!!- love ya babygirl

I HATE COLLEGE!!!- this week is soooooooooo stressful, i have sooo much shit do it isnt even funny...bio lab report tomorrow(6-8 pages)...have a quiz in the lab too....report and presentation for geography(again 6-8 pages for the report, single spaced...8-10 presentation)...have a 3-4 page report about an ad and how it depicts women for my sat. class, and to go with the paper, i have a 3 min presentation... YAY!!! so there will be NO going out this weekend, yet again...this will be the THIRD fucking weekend Sarah doesnt go out...first, no one was here to go out to/with...last weekend, i had a class on sat, and was too burnt out on sat night to go out, so i watched a movie and passed out.... and i see a repeat of that happening again this weekend....but after this week it should be better...expect for the 2 midterms i have wed and thur of next week....bio and geography nonetheless...FUUUUUUUUN!!! ok, enough bitching...theres my bitchy input for the post. Love you babygirl!!!
fuck man... im starting this spring