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fuck the muffin man... we got cookies YAY!!!

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Stupid Lil Girl

So um yeah, I have 2 huge tests within the next two days. Im stressing hardcore...wish the verb in that sentence was fucking, but hey, cant be too picky can we??? Went to a review session for Bio, had a few things cleared up, went back to Carolyn's dorm and shot down thrice beers so I could block out my damn annoying roommates noise and crying home to her mommy. Im sorry, but I dont think that someone who turns 18 3 weeks after college starts should be allowed in...they're not mature for the whole experience. I cannot count how many times shes called home crying to her mother about the most retarded things, like that she has sooo much homework, when all she has to do is practice her god damn instrument...HELLO dumbfuck, whos the one who signed up for music as their major? What the fuck were you expecting when you came here? To sit on your ass, get drunk, and just go to class and pass????? Ok, so that was my entire high school existance, but hey, i got lucky and I know that. Im busting my ass here, and never once have I cried to mommy, all my friends up here are in like Pre-Med and shit, and come in here and study with me, and she has the audicity (is that a word?) to sit and complain EVERY fucking day. AWWWW poor pitiful me, feel sorry for me. Oh boo hoo, I broke up with my perfect boyfriend, and now I feel like a bad person....then I went to slept with someone Ive known for 2 weeks, and he was an asshole cuz I dont know how to have sex or give blow jobs, hahahahaha. Yeah, so fucking learn!!! Its not hard. She was all like, he wanted me to get on top, but I didnt know what to do, so he got pissed.........IS IT JUST ME, OR IS IT HARD TO GET ON TOP AND RIDE?????? DO WHAT FEELS GOOD DUMB BITCH!!!!! And yet she continues to have dumbasses over at like 11 or 12 at night....so if this shit goes on again tonight, im just straight up bitching, but I really dont want to...I have to live with this pussy for the rest of the semester and then all of next year...I found about the switching rooms thing, kids in supplemental housing get the available rooms first then they put me wherever is available...FUCK THAT!!! If I dont know where Im going and who my roommate will be, I know I could have alot worse, ive seen alot worse, so fuck it...god damn niggers, spics, and chincs....its all your fault assholes!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I HATE 8am bio labs.........GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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